solo show

Atelier Synopthique Portatif (Brussels)



A periscope in situ

The research of harmony by the prism of equality seems to question Lucien Roux. How to intercept the viewer and respect this aestheticism? The artist, with an subtle twist of scales, gives to the duo viewer/artwork of a certain tension. We overpass quickly the precision of the gesture the reach the ground of disproportions. Gilles Deleuze, quoting Bacon, translates this concept as a Diagram and pictures it comparing the lag to the fact of “introducing the Sahara, a zone of Sahara, in the face”.

Lucien Roux, conscious of the world that surrounds him, is interested by current events matters, details or parallel thoughts from great events. In the exhibition Periscope, the encounter between Mark Zuckerberg and the American Congress inspires him. How a man, in the name of one of the most powerful companies of the world, can stand by himself, alone, in front of the representatives of one of the highest institutions of the USA?

Proportions and scale are failing. The artist interprets aestheti- cally this lag by different montages of portraits taken of the man and old American landscapes clichés.

We can see a move in the mediums used during the last shows of Lucien Roux. From the traditional use of canvas to the scenographic object included in the paintings (that we could also compare to a periscope representation or a machine to see), his artworks become here space and architecture. The assemblages of drawings are here directly included to the walls of the gallery.

Marie-Gabrielle Tramond