PALIO DI SIENA 2 LUGLIO 2015, six paintings of 38 x 29,5 cm each, oil on gesso on wood, 2015

Museo della Contrada della Torre


This triptych was made after a residence with the courtesy of I Battilana Association and FuoriCampo Gallery in the city of Siena (Italy) to witness the making of the Palio horse race happening twice a year for more than 400 years, where each district of the city challenges each other.

The PALIO DI SIENA 2 LUGLIO 2015 triptych undertakes to represent the last race the Contrada della Torre won. This last victory was among other reasons a much particular one for the 119 years period of defeats the Contrada della Torre has endured. It was the closure of a long cycle which started again since, as a victory of the Palio is considered as a rebirth for all, young and old, Contrada’s people.

So, the Senesi, while watching their horse win, go backward while the race goes forward.
These pictures are cut from the official video recorded by the city, reversed where the point of view passes from a camera to an other in order to follow the race circular movement.

The Palio race, so to say, in its physical process and in its conceptual approach, connects the end to the beginning.