solo show
galerie DETOUR


The 11th of September 2016, during the annual commemoration ceremony of the Twin Towers attack in New-York, Hillary Clinton was exfiltrated in case of emergency due to some kind of a discomfort. She reappeared later in the street the same day, seeming in a perfect health.

After this event, will grow inside her opponents, the theory of a body double who would have replace the candidate, so much her two apparitions looked different. The theory of a conspiracy will contaminate slowly the rest of the campaign pictures.

This series of paintings undertakes to explore those interpretations point of view, supposed to prove a falsehood between the pictures by the pictures, not to find the reality and the fiction but to get what can produce the blindness by observation.

Beyond a new interpretation, those paintings suggest to question the role of the picture as a duplication or as the illusion of a duplication.